Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark

Some advice about writing, life, and pain. After thinking for a while, there are some points you can benefit from. When it comes to your writing, the ratio of input to output may make a difference. You have to output good work, if you can have output greater than the input, so much the better.

Would this not be one way to see what value work has? If the output is greater than the input? Maybe, I would like to believe that such a thing is possible. What input do you pay attention to when you sit down to write? Everyone is different, and it seems everyone’s results are different.

This is a shot in the dark, but what formula could one construct to show mathematically what success looks like? Or, for that matter; maybe we could show how much pain is necessary to become a successful writer. Seems life is pain, and only doing what is never painful is going to leave you with a weak system. But how much pain is enough? What would the formula look like?

I was thinking of something that would express the input to output ratio, and include the amount of effort, pain, and then what the results for the piece would be. Then taken the given body of work and average them, for the results; to see if it’s worth doing?

Something I was thinking about today; you have to take into account the users current happy index, then see what the points are for having a failed project, or one that doesn’t get positive results from the effort put forth. If you aren’t already happy, think twice about taking up writing. You may be happier doing something else. It takes an awful lot of failure to get somewhere. It takes a lot of pain; to the point, you almost have to be a masochist. Really!

I’m bored, been thinking a lot today. These are some of the highlights I’ve had in my day. It takes a lot of thought, which comes down to trying to find the right input to get the best output from my work. I’m not sure if this work will resemble a pit, or a sky scraper. Maybe its a pit to build a sky scraper into it? Maybe.

This is a shot in the dark, not sure anyone will even ever read this, no one is reading anything these days. Most people never think about what they read; as though I have reason to believe they are all mindless zombies. Are you?

Someone is going to have to come along and make us feel something, if nothing else; pain. Because people are not really being aware of anything. It’s a problem with society today.

Needed better results. Seems I may not have the ability to withstand the pain of more failed projects and the time it takes to build a successful project. I’ve been trying to make something happen for about three years now. Nothing has worked out with anything what so ever. Pity.

I’m not sure what new dream I can come up with, I have tried a lot of stuff to make something work; seems no one cares. I have to wonder, if anyone is even in this world? Seems awful empty to me, no friends, no job, no girlfriend, no one that cares.

I’ve mentioned it seems like a cage. That didn’t wake them up, and it was treated with the same indifference everything else is treated with. Are they that stupid? Maybe. Pity.

This is a shot in the dark, nothing to make it better. Some twisted world we live in, and wish it were going better. Maybe someone will wake up soon, and start to think again. Maybe me.

Have a nice day!

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

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