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No, not really. This is a follow up article from the one about what is advantageous. This one is about: Not every opportunity is a good one. Read on dear friends. . . .

Not Every Opportunity Is A Good One

It seems in life, that once you understand not everything is advantageous, then the next logical step is to understand that not every opportunity is a good one. Some are better than others, some are great, some would suck eggs. What one persons tragic ending might be someone else’s fairytale. To each their own. Not here to judge, just to make some observations about life.

I’ve been hearing talk about the snake oil out there about the problems with meditation and mindfulness. While, its good to make some points about it; some things have good results, progress is slow to take hold most of the time. Starting somewhere is better than never starting at all.

With that in mind, if you are practicing mindfulness or meditation in a limited sense, at least you have began. Small steps to start with, then working your way up the ladder of the self into true understanding. Just keep in mind, it takes years to undo a lot of the problems society has put into your heart and mind. So take it slow, work your way up; maybe someday you will be a guru? If you want that, to each their own.

John Lennon said, “No guru can see through your eyes.” So true, yet, if you were to live my life, a lot more than your eyes would hurt. Life has been painful, a lot of rough spots in my life. Which is leading into the section about how not every opportunity is a good one.

What Matters?

What matters in life is that we make good choices. Aside from doing what does not cause harm, there are choices we can make that improve our odds in life. Having the skill to see the opportunities for what they are, and how they can be used to make our lives better.

Shakespeare said, “Use every man as he deserves, and who will not escape a whipping?” Well that was hundreds of years ago, these days, they will just shame you on the internet trolls. Such is life.

Life is rough, if you want to make it; you have to be pretty tough. There are lessons in life, some of which will teach you the hard way. I would know, there have been some rough days in my life. Looking back on it, it was really caused by one choice that was made when my emotions overpowered my logic and reason. I’ve paid for twenty years for that choice, and there is no going back to fix it.

One bad choice is all anyone is from certain doom. These days have changed since life twenty years ago, life was a lot more forgiving back then. Still, we have to live with ourselves, through it all.

Not every opportunity is a good one. Not all things are advantageous. Some things seem like they would be cool, other things have more appeal than others, but either way life is more like Russian roulette than anything else; seems you’re always taking your chances. Life has its ways of sugar coating poison.

Remember the advice, if it smells like peaches or almonds, its best to spit that junk out. Be wise, make good choices. You don’t want to end up living like I have the last twenty years. I’ve thought, something has to change; yet, nothing ever does. Pity!

Don’t let fools gas light you into doing something stupid, that hurts your long term chances at survival. You have to be smarter than that, be wise; always pick the hot knife over the hot mess.

Someday you will thank me for that advice; if you pick right.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Life can be easy, if you pick the right choices. Not every opportunity is a good one, and some will lead you down a long dark road of hurt, and shame. You have to pick the choices that make sense, its not until you get twenty years down the road, that you can see where the points connect like dots on a graph. The goal may not be to reach point B, the goal might be to move point B from where it is, to somewhere else. That doesn’t happen over night.

Loosing weight, is more valuable than eating the candy bar.

Photo Credit: Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Live more; waste less time in life. Turn off your TV!!!!

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