The Sound Of Silence

They say, “Appreciate what you have.” Seems when you don’t have a value of what you do have, even that will be taken from you.

Freedoms matter. Taking people’s freedoms is not really right, nor kind. There are people that have talked about these things before. There are even people that have made songs about it. What is the sound of silence, and why does it matter?

Seems, peace matters. Without peace, life isn’t as good. At the same time, people have to be able to express themselves in ways that are healthy.

Silence like a cancer grows.

The Sound Of Silence

Silence can have various uses. In some small doses, it can be very beneficial. Sometimes having your peace and quiet makes a lot of sense, and is very practical. Other times, silence can be used as a form of oppression, domination, and control.

Life is best when properly used. There has to be balance in the way things are. Without proper balance, nothing ever works like it should. And without proper balance, no one is ever really happy!

We have to work towards restoring balance in life. With all that we do, making proper balance really matters. There has to be love, and kindness in the proper balance. There really is no room for hate, because that is kind of an ugly thing. The goal is to put some beauty back into life. Balance is about having enough beauty. Not too much, but enough.

When silence is used like a weapon, this is a problem. No one is happy when they are being oppressed. Regardless of who is doing the oppressing. Things have to be balanced. Sometimes, what goes around, is what comes around.


Seems, the whole world is ghosting me. Why? I want to know. Why is everyone ghosting, with no one talking with me? It doesn’t seem right. The isolation sucks in this world. People are not really doing much. They all seem kind of fake these days. Is that true?

Better to be alone, then spend time with fake people. The way things are, the world needs to end. These fake people need to take a long vacation in some other solar neighborhood. Preferably somewhere they can not reach me via telephone, or email.

No one to talk with. This can be good sometimes. However, it feels like it is oppressive in the extreme. When you feel like this world is a cage, and you’re really ready to spend some time with someone. What can you do? No one to talk with. This shit. This life sucks.

Really if something doesn’t change, people are going to be more unhappy than they are now. It is only going to get worse. The way things are. The world sucks like it is. Problem is, no one seems to care. Pity. We could have had some real fun.

Silence Ending. . .

The music has played, non-stop for years. Not likely going to change that. I would have to die, before that is going to change.

Here is some music I made, its not very good, but it will tie your shoes.

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