Aggravated By The Gap?

It’s tough these days. Everyone wants something. A lot of us, just want to feel better about life. Seems there is reason to be unhappy, there is this gap in life. They say, “Mind the gap.” Well now is a good time to be aware.

My inbox contained an email today that inspired me. We could have a solution to this gap, maybe not long from now. There is a gap between the number of experts, and those that are commoners. Some of the experts, have reduced the ledge to be so small, they are about to fall off the side, into the void.

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities. In the experts mind, there are few. – Zen Saying

Notice, the gap? The key is balance. You have to keep your beginners mind intact, while knowing the best answers. Today, there are many experts, and most of them want to tell you how to live your life. Seems there is a real surplus of people that specialize in something.

Specialization is for insects.

Robert Heinlein

We need to mind the gap, we have to be good at most things life requires of us. Someone has to stand in the gap, we might as well fill it with something good. We need people that are good at most things, and can do great work. Life, is about supply and demand. When the supply is great, the demand is low. You would think, when there is a supply of humans like we have, that people would be living their dreams. The demands upon humans could be low, and people could live better these days. Everyone could have time off.

This requires that people be able to wear more than one hat. Be good enough of a thinking person, that you can do most things. You may not always know the answer, but you do know how to arrive at the correct answer through using logic and reason. Maybe, what most people are lacking these days, is some common sense?

If common sense were to be given, we have enough experts to fill the void. We could educate the masses with information that would make them better people. Then the gap would be reduced to a measurable level that people could tolerate. We could have a better world, and people would be happy once again. People have to be willing to do the work.

Life Changes, Sometimes. . .

Life simply has to get better for everyone. This might mean, having to work, or do jobs that are not in your job description. If everyone is doing some work, then the load on everyone will be light. When the supply is high, the demand is low. We have enough people, that if everyone was doing some work, the demand would be tolerable. It might mean, people have to be more than experts in one field. But really the human mind can grasp more than people let on. Most people don’t need to be rocket scientists to do good work at basic living stuff.

We need everyone to be better at everything. And the job of the experts now, is going to be how to educate everyone else. Think about it, if experts educate people to know more, then it raises the quality of people you have at your disposal. Everyone could be more aware, and be better people when correctly armed intellectually. Maybe we could have some really interesting conversation again?

The point is, people need a better grasp of common sense. Being educated without having a dogma approach to everything matters, remember that balance is important? With proper balance, and better education; people can be more rounded, with better understanding. This would fill some of the gap, and make life a lot better for everyone.

Solutions Maybe?

Then the solution will be to provide what people need, without having to pay through the nose for everything. You would think, with all these experts, the quality of life would go up? It seems, the only thing going up is the cost of everything. Too many experts, not enough people that know something about the value of goods.

Most people, want quality products. This is the whole goal of the experts modus operandi. To improve the quality of what we are having. That is why chefs, are in demand, because people want good quality food to eat. You would think, through better education, people would become able to prepare their own meals? Seems these days, we need experts at it, because life is just so difficult? The need for the gap to be filled.

We have gaps in life, and it’s causing some real issues. We need to fill these gaps, because the supply is great, and demand is low. We have enough people to do the work of two countries, but not enough people with common sense to do the work of one person. It is a problem. People need to be educated by these experts to be more rounded people, with better understanding. Then when everyone is better educated, we can have a solution to this gap in what people have.

What is right? What is best?

Everyone wants equal. They should all be equally educated. The quality would be better. Then, everything will be good enough. The problem with the quality would be solved.

There is a difference between being book educated, and having enough common sense. Too much education from a book will leave you feeling like a dogma in someone else’s face. The whole point is to be well rounded, and balanced people that have some common sense. Most people, have trouble getting their shoes tied.

Seems, there is a gap in everything these days. I would rather have a gap in your dogma, than the gap between my checkbook and gas pump. Seems the gaps are getting wider all the time.

Let’s all do more than pray there is no a huge gap in the peace, because people will only tolerate so much. And the way things are going, people are tired of the gaps we have. Something has to be done to fill the void, and something is going to have to go in. Which might mean taking some things out. Life is about supply and demand. We have a lot of people, and demand is low. Maybe, we have too many experts, and not enough people with common sense?


Seems, there is a gap in everything. We need to close the gaps, and make life bearable in ways that people don’t feel at the breaking point. Is anyone thinking about how to solve it? Seems a lot of people want to lead, and few want to be followers. The gap.

The way things are, the gap is going to be a problem somewhere. We need people that can stand in the gap, and take the load off. How do you feel about this article? Mind the gap!

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