The Worlds Identity Crisis

The world is confused. It doesn’t know, which shirt to wear, or what pair of pants to put on in the morning. Seems, it’s trying to wear a business suit, to play in the mud. Maybe, we should do something about the people who want to make bubble gum?

What comes to mind, is a song by “The Pretty Reckless”, the song, “Death by rock and roll.” Seems this world is going to be the end of many a good people. Some graveyard full of tombstones that read, “Killed by rock and roll.” Maybe rock and roll is good stuff, if it doesn’t kill ya.

The world, seems confused by the numbers. It doesn’t know if everyone is so filthy rich that it can raise the price of everything, or if everyone is so poor, the prices should all come down. Seems, the world is confused by the digits in the ether. Some people, have plenty. While most of us are about to starve to death.

The world is confused. It doesn’t know, if it wants to be a girl, or a boy. I guess, it hasn’t looked in its own pants. Maybe, its a girl and a boy in two different bodies. That it seems, would be best. But why we aren’t able to all get along about it, I don’t know; and have yet to understand. Seems, I’m confused about why people are confused.

It is not difficult to figure out. Take a mirror, and check. That should solve all the questions you have. If you ain’t got it, you ain’t it. End of story; full stop!

Stop trying to be something you are not. Take what you have, and make damn good use of it. You know, people should give a damn. The way things are, a lot of people, need to take a minute and figure out what they have to work with, and make damn good use of it.

Life has to get better, and hoping for something you ain’t got, is only going to make the world a worse place. Make do with the body you have now, and hope you get better in your next life. Much is possible, and much can be done to change your nature in the future. However, you need to work with what you got, while you got it!

People seem to be confused, about the how? Maybe, they should worry about the why, and leave the how to someone else to figure out. A lot of people want their lives to be better. Work with what you have, and make the best use of what you got.

Being content with what you have, can do wonders. The point is, to make good use of it. People are all wasting their effort, time, and talents, because they don’t understand what they do have.

In case, you don’t know: Life is meant to be lived. The world’s identity crisis seems to be coming to a boil. It is in the kettle, and the kettle is about to boil dry, and burn a hole in the bottom of the kettle. Which will require someone to repurpose the kettle into something else. We all hope they don’t use it to make more bullets. Mending holes in the bottom of pans, is not the kind of work that pays the bills. But this pan, needs fixed before it reaches that point.

The only solution is take the kettle off the fire, before it burns a hole in the bottom. It has boiled dry, and if not tended to, will result in disaster. So, STOP, THINK, LISTEN!! Then, think some more.

People it seems have become so dumb, they don’t understand what they are looking at. Is that a boy, or a girl? These days, you never know. Life has to get a lot better. We need to get back to being true. People are so fake these days, they have lost their way.

The real problem, seems is life is about to end. Well, put on my tombstone: “Killed by Rock and Roll.” It can be good stuff, if you don’t listen to it far too loud. It is only when you turn the volume up to full blast that it is fatal.

Bored. No one gives a shit what I write. No one will read this, no one cares. Pity life is so fucked up. People, don’t read anymore. They don’t give a shit, and likely will never care. You should do something about this world’s identity crisis before its too late. I’m saying it now, the world needs your help, be a good person, before it is too late.

Get your shit together, and start living like real people. The zombie cat shit, has to end. You got to get your shit figured out, while there is time; and it is almost too late. Capich?

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