How To Live

pigeons with no wings envy fish that fly.  . .

Enjoy your life. Make the best of it. Times are rough, you have to be tough. It is possible, you can do it. Sometimes, you need a thought to share, that people value! Value is in the eye of the beholder. What one person holds in high esteem, is rubbish to someone else.

Take for instance effort, skill, and talent. You may be very good at what you do; however, there are always people that will never respect you for it. Seems, people don’t value the same things today.

It is almost impossible to make art, that everyone really likes. There will be the nay sayers. There is some hope, some people will like it, or even dare say I; enjoy it. Not everyone sees things the way you do.

Really, that has to be okay. It isn’t their work. They shouldn’t hate you because of your work, and you would think; they would show some respect for you from it. They won’t. People don’t respect, effort, skill, or talent. They don’t care about the thought you put into it, or the life events you have experienced to get to there.

They care about themselves. That is all they care about. They won’t ever give a damn about you, or your work. This however, is not hopeless. Time has its ways of making people see reason. Seasons change, and so do people’s tastes. We are in a rough part of time these days. So many people are just not happy, it seems they hate everything, and everyone. Good time to keep that work, buried in the closet.

They don’t appreciate anything. To quote Jack Kerouac,

Everything is more instant than interesting.


And now, for the meat. Instagram seems to be a dying platform. They may instantaneously fade from view. We liked them, but it seems people are so unhappy, things are changing all around us.

A person would have to wonder, if this crazy ride is ever going to stop, and get better? Seems, there is no getting off the ride. But what of our future? Does it only have hope of ending a total destruction of everything we have ever worked for with hopes and dreams?

Some people, want a better world. Some people want to screw everything up along the way. And some people, want people to see that balance, and reason are essential. Too much of anything is a problem in most situations. The problem today, most people are not being reasonable. Pity.

How do we change this path of harm? Seems, no one will listen to me about it. They pay no never mind to me. Wanted my life to be better, but the way things are; seems I’m wasting my breath.

Needed some way to change the balance of the way things are. The problem most people have today, is they spend a lot of time thinking, but the wheels aren’t turning. The gears are in neutral. Pity.

If people were to really listen, some of the problems might get better. One can at least hope for it. Sometimes, there are no good solutions. Feeling like, damn it. No one cared.

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