Today’s Toxic Culture

There is a lot of bad in today’s world. The culture we have today, is toxic. And a there are a lot of fake people in this world, that have their heads programmed for them, that should just get a life.

Quality Of Life Matters

We want a better quality of life. It is possible. With what we have today, we could have a better quality of life. It is possible. Without being too grandiose everyone could have a better quality of life. And people that don’t have a better quality of life, would simply be allowed to either exist in exile, or die.

What Is Objectionable

Living like zombie cat shit is not good. I have no real quality of life. This world, feels like a damn prison. I’m without any real friends, and my health is not good. This has been going on, a long time. Feeling like, damn it. A person should be allowed to really live.

Solutions To A Problem

There should be basic decency in today’s world. Human rights matter, and when they are violated, its not good. It doesn’t do well for anyone. Too many hurt people, make it difficult to make life better. We need some kind of solution that makes people be kind again. People have to stop the hate. To stop the hate, we have to stop the ignorance. Most acts of malice are done out of ignorance. So we have to stop the ignorance of people. The psychological warfare going on these days, has to stop!

People have to wise up. Life has to get a lot better for everyone. The stuff I hear, people are hurting, and suffering. I am. No one cared. Pity, it would have been nice to spend some time with others. While I was living. You know?

The way things are, life could be better for everyone with ease, and a lot of the problems, could be solved with using resources correctly. That is the biggest problem of today, the resources are not being made the best use of. Please, wise up. Make better use of the resources that we have. There is enough, for everyone to have enough. We must do better with making good use of our resources.

Please Think!

If people really started thinking, life could be better. The system in place has some good. Life is changing, and we have to be able to change with it. You know? Make life better for everyone. There is time, and resources to make life right. Do what you can to make life better for everyone. Stop the ignorance, stop the greed. Start being better. Damn tired of this world like it is.

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