D = R * T

Formula For Life

There must be some formula for life, that makes sense. The above formula is for calculation of Distance. The rate your moving, (R) times the time (T) equals the Distance traveled.

Seems, it doesn’t matter what I write, no one gives a damn. Maybe there is another problem; maybe, something I’m aware of and have not been able to deal with yet? It seems dealing with some of these problems is tough. How does one deal with life?

Never Cat

Not to be mean, but there is something that needs said. I don’t ever want to be a cat. Being a dog would be interesting, but please never a cat. That might really bum me out. It would not be very interesting. Not unless there were huge amounts of cat nip involved. But what good would come from that? Not much.

Really after thinking about it a long time, it would not be good to be a cat. Some people may enjoy the job, and be grateful for the time. I would like to spend my time in better pursuits.


After thinking about it a long time, I wonder if my life has any redeemable qualities what so ever? It seems, the very life I have lived, is entirely based upon a lie. This whole life, is because of a lie I told before I was born. Someone said it wasn’t really forgivable. I would like to know what to do about this problem? Is there a solution to make it better? I would like to know!

Seems, this lie I told, wasn’t that bad, but it does seem to have bothered a lot of people. No one to spend time with me. No one to talk with at all. And what is the problem, that no one reads my work?

It feels like my life, and my work, are worthless. I’m not treated like I matter in this world. They act, as though my work is worthless. Despite the time, and effort I’ve spent working on these projects.

It would have been nice, if some of my effort would see results while I’m still living. Doesn’t seem, any of it has been even noticed. Pity! It would be nice to make life better for everyone. But how?

I would like to set right the wrongs. It does seem to be somewhat impossible. But all things are possible, just not everything is probable. This is one of those things, that could be possible, given the right conditions. It would be good to make it right with the people that matter.

Be A Good Doggie

Good doggies are good doggies. Never really met a dog that there wasn’t something good about them. After thinking about it, I’ve seen that almost any dog will repent. However, in all my days, we have never seen a cat repent. That would be something. Not sure I like the cats much. A good doggie is a good doggie. They will at least repent from their sins.

Seems this lie that was told, wound up putting me in the body of a cat. But, I assure you; I repent. Not sure how to make it right at this point, but if something can be done about it; we will do what is possible to make it right. Might have to die, to make it right; but at least things will be better.

No one to talk with about this stuff. They don’t listen, they don’t think, and they don’t want to talk about anything with me. Something has to change, and right quick. Need some good advice, because my options are not looking real good at this point.

Seems, there isn’t a friend in the world. Pity, they would have done well to know me. Then at least, they could say they knew me, once upon a time, before the truth came to light. Maybe, they remember me well from those times? Someone should!

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