Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice

No one is reading. The New York Times had an article about how no one is reading or watching TV. See the Article here. Until further notice, I’m just going to write for myself.

The realization that no one is going to pay attention to me has become very real. I had believed that someone would have noticed me and my work. It simply isn’t going to happen. I’m not happy about that.

The realization that no one cares, not even a little. The best a man can hope for in this toxic culture is to be autonomous from the world. There is no other solution.

In Conclusion

Therefore, this world and its culture are very toxic. It is unfortunate that the world has to be like this. It could have been better. My life could have been better. They were too cruel to care, and their toxic behavior has been noted.

Because we wanted life to be better. That isn’t going to happen.

So much for a better world for everyone!!

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