Life is. Things are. Getting by best I can. It has been rough. No one to talk with. No one will really spend time with me. Been alone. Its been years of this isolation. Started listening to John Lennon his album, Isolation. It is so damn true.

I’ve been working on music. It is going, not bad; but very slow. I have some days I don’t get as much as I want done.

I’ve been doing some video too. Here check this out. File is too big. Guess you will have to check out my soundcloud. Do that here.

I’m bored. No one cares. Been doing this stuff a long time. No real results so far. Feeling like, I am wasting my time. Tired of the way things are going. Bored. So very bored.

No real results yet. feeling like, well; life is. Things are. Deal with it.

It would be nice to hear from someone.

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