Valuable Growth – How Much Is Enough? Is This Valor?

Growth happens when people change for the better. Valuable growth happens when people have valor to be more than warm sacks of shit, while still being honorable.

Changes In Growth

A lot has changed. The world is not the same place it was twenty years ago. One would not always say the world has changed for the better. It may be a matter of taste. Some people seem to like the way some things are these days.

My personal growth however, has been amazing. Much about me is no longer the person I once was. As a matter of a fact, the person I once was is dead. That however, is another matter altogether.

My feelings are that I have outgrown my life. Because, the life that once seemed so fitting, and worthy; it no longer feels like it fits me. There are however some good from it. I’ve learned a lot about the human race, and their ways.

I’ve grown a lot. I would say, my life no longer suits me. This old life, that I’ve been living, it is not really living. Therefore, it seems more like a living death than really living.

They Didn’t Listen

Pity! I was perfectly clear with them. However, it seems they have very selective hearing. They only hear what they want to hear. Therefore, they continue to make believe that the old ways are working, and even dare I say, successful.

These ways are anything other than successful. They have abused, tortured, and caused me harm. And I have outgrown these ruthless ways. I’ve grown tired of the problems. I have learned to deal with it. I don’t like it, I wouldn’t wish it upon an enemy; yet, here we are.

I’ve outgrown this world. These old ways really serve very little useful purpose. I wish they would have been kinder to me. That it seems, is asking far too much.

I’ve had growth that changed me. You could say, it killed me. Because the person I once was, is dead. I’m sure they are well pleased with their results of having destroyed my personality.

The person I once was is dead. I’ve had to grow, and change to be able to survive this torment. I’ve had to learn to adapt, and flow with more pain, and discomfort than reasonable. A normal person would never had made it. I would like to make them live my life, just so they know everything I’ve ever had to live through. And what killed me.

Valuable Growth

I’ve out grown the human race. I used to look to them for friendship, or girlfriends. Because, I used to look up to a lot of them. Therefore, I thought at one time, they were really something.

However, I’ve come to understand an important truth. The human race are living clay. They are not real people, they are AI bots, and really nothing more than warm.

Pity, they could not have been kind. I’ve out grown the human race. I’m bored with being ghosted to death, I’m bored with the way they dis-respect me, and my efforts.

I feel it is important to be a man about my life, but never human. Not ever. There are things in this world that would break your heart, and I want nothing to do with that. The human race are best left to be dealt justice and fate from God. They have not done right.

Valuable growth is knowing when old ways are not going to work any longer. What can come from old worn out lifeless shit? I want my life to be better than this. However, there is need for being reasonable. Some things may have some use, but what to keep?

Broken System Of Oppression

Their old ways are going to have to be judged. I hope that, they will learn some new ways that are better than the treatment they have shown me. They really need to be better than this. I thought, they were. Seems that notion has been proved false.

Seems, they really enjoy doing what they have been doing. They seem to have no remorse about it. Yet, they don’t really care about anyone but themselves. Pity!

The person I once was is dead. Maybe, it was valuable growth? Maybe, it depends on who you ask? I had expected better from the human race. Seems, they didn’t listen, and they didn’t care. It killed me. They don’t seem to be bothered by that. I’ve out grown this life. I have out grown the old ways of what I was born into, and slaving for. I need some new life, or some new dream, because this life is stale.

Change is good. Unless it kills you. But to each their own.


Valuable growth is a good thing. When you know that old ways will no longer work, or be of any value. Finding new ways, and new things to try is where to look. Don’t stay stuck too long. There is more to life than meets the eye. I want satisfaction.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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