What I Want

What I Wanted

People sometimes act in confusing ways. It seems there is no rhyme or reason to some of the stuff they do. So in an effort to be perfectly clear, about something that I want; I’m going to spell it out for you.


I want to be respected for my mind. No that is not a typo. I think my mind is worthy of being respected. There are things in life, that I understand better than most; and while I may not be getting credit for that; you should at least respect the fact that my mind can be brilliant at times.

While you may not doubt any belief that my mind could be anything other than worthless, keep in mind; some of the greatest minds in history were mad as hats. There is no reason that when I’m lucid and thinking clearly that my mind isn’t one of the greats. It is only your own belief that I have no value which gets in the way of seeing me different.

It would be nice, during the times I am thinking clearly that people showed some level of respect for who i am. This world has some problems, don’t be part of the problem, you know?


Everyone needs love in their life. At some point, everyone needs someone. It’s just in our nature. No one has touched me in ten months. I don’t feel really loved, nor wanted. I certainly don’t feel like I have any value in this world.

If I did believe I have value, my feelings would be terribly hurt, because the way I’m being treated like worthless trash makes me feel that my value isn’t being seen.

Everyone needs someone sometimes. The human race has some problems. Some of them can be fixed. Love solves a lot of problems, if people will start showing some love. A lot of this mess could get a lot better for everyone.


Everyone needs kindness in their lives. A world that isn’t kind, can not be civilized. If kindness were a luxury good, no one would be able to afford to stay in this world. Start having some love, and start showing kindness to everyone. The shift has to start today. It has to start, because the problems will just spiral out of control if not kept in check.

Life has to get better for everyone. Everyone needs some love. Everyone needs some kindness. The times, they are changing. You are going to have to get tough, and still be kind and loving.

Life has to be made worth staying for. Too many people have had it rough. Life has to get better, at least being kind helps.


I want to be respected for my mind. I want to be shown love, and kindness. The world seriously lacks the qualities that make life worthy of living in this world. Life has to change for everyone, before it’s too late for the human race. Start today, make life better for everyone. Keep your heart, mind, and spirit in check, do what is good, right, and best for everyone.


Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Sergio Capuzzimati on Unsplash

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