Why Exist?

I’m trying to find meaning in my life. As there is a lack of love, friends, a job, or a girlfriend. Seems, I’m waiting for my death. I have spent the last six months, laying on the sofa; like a warm sack of shit. No one seems to care. Why? Damn it.

The coffee is very good. The music is pretty good. The cigarettes aren’t bad. The food, if I can swallow it, is pretty good. Seems, there is not much else to live for.

No one reads. They could not care. They don’t care about my creative work. It seems society has canceled me. I’m waiting for my death. Doesn’t seem to bother anyone but me. Pity.

No one to talk with. No one to spend time with me. I’m alone, 23 hours a day. This life, feels like a damn prison. A CAGE. No one cared. feeling like, damn it. not able to change my life, not to save my life. no one cared. damn it. this shit. my life like it is, sucks. no one listens. no one cared. rotting to death, and no one gives a shit.

Everything is cause and effect. The way things are, it’s going to have some bad effects. I don’t like society. I don’t like the world. I’m tired of living like damn zombie cat shit. feeling like, damn it. this shit.

They seem to escape any punishment for what they have done to me. Seems, I must have had it coming to me? What is truth? Does anyone deserve to be done like i have? What could I have possible done, to deserve this kind of punishment? It’s ruthless. damn it.

They think, it’s just. i feel like worthless shit. So, answer this; why exist? For more life in this prison, where no one cares about me, and no one gives a shit if i rot to death. Waiting for the earth to hit the sun. No one cares about my life. Damn it.

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