10 Ways To Style Your Life Like A Pro – The Basic Guide To Digital Holiness

What is good and what is not good?

Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Digital holiness. The most sought after holy grail there ever was. Seems, everyone has some dirty socks under the bed somewhere. Maybe, we should take the trash out more often? You can only hope your mother doesn’t see the photos from last weekend. Right= ?

How are you surviving these days? Are you getting enough fresh air, and some sunlight? There are days, this world feels like something out of some horror story. We seem to be living in someone else’s book of fiction; and I’m not sure that I’m enjoying it much!

You want to know something? With a smile and a wink, we make believe our poop doesn’t stink. It seems to be the norm, and some people actually enjoy it. Seems, the illusion is what people buy into. The most valuable to these humans seems to be those that sell the best illusions to the masses.

And, sometimes they seem true enough. Reputation matters, it seems in this world of dull cats everyone is using the cat box. They don’t like ferrel strays, and killing birds is not welcome.

Just look cute, and preen all day long. That looks good, and sells lots of boxes of chocolate. Someday, if you look good enough with a filter on your photo, they might let you sell pizza.

Hide your discontent, mask your boredom in a guise of clever talk about movies, and TV. Talk about that book everyone is reading, because that sounds really smart.

Never make your mind up, always in a state of flux. Life is just better with everything being unknown, and a mystery. Don’t pretend to know what life is about, actually be dumb enough not to know. That way, you can claim ignorance when the chopping block gets wet with blood.

Not like they matter, they aren’t one of us. It is someone else’s problem, not that we have to care about it. It doesn’t matter if no one cares about it, someone will invent a niche market to fill the void, where people pretend to give a damn. That way it looks like someone cares. We care a lot, see our sponsors?

Got a turtle-neck tee, and some groovy jeans. But my coffee better be iced, and look like nice. If you try, you might be better off with two stones in your pocket; because you need them more than me.

I’m bored with trying to entertain you. But it’s time to fake it; just a bit longer, because you want to know I made my word count, and don’t give a damn about my coffee temple.

Some nice thought, which was bought for ten cents at a thrift shop, found some new home in the wealthiest of home. Seems we are all in it for something, who does anything for nothing?

Some star, howling at the moon from light years away. They say, “your not so bright, we outshine you by a million miles.” But, what do they know, being just star stuff and lightyears away. Seems, they endure; some tragic tale of star crossed lovers and a mad world.

Earth divided, such an awful sound. The wicked ground. Better cover your phone, and buy another sound. You don’t want them to hear your new message sound if it isn’t cooler than a rocket.

But the log files know, where you been, what you saw. They all take their places, right next to you. Line up, like good digital bits; bow down before the one you serve, you are going to get what you deserve.

Some days, the bit bucket is full. Don’t you wish we could send everything in social media to /dev/null ? Maybe just for a day, we could stand outside, and think how nice to see the sky.

Some Sunday; we find a meetup; a cruel saloon. Where the whisky is ripe, and the beer is stale. You know the words to say, and honey; you might come with me. If you do. . .

Holy sacks of shit. We don’t want to live like damn zombies. Let’s take this serious, because it’s your God damn life, and you should get to live it!!!! Let’s go out, let’s keep going!!

Where is our minds, when we have forsaken even learning? What you know, is told by a database; some pseudo-random number. You would stand a better chance flipping a coin, maybe best two out of three.

Watch the river flow, ease my mind and soul. Humans come and go. These mountains never seem to get tired. They have been here a long time. Where the trees grow, and the water moving gracefully and slow.

This was a product of great boredom and an effort to waste your time. Maybe you will wake up feeling better than before. Why not go where eagles dare? Get up, and get moving!!

Before it’s far too late.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

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