Status: Project Done

Not much going on. Feeling like, I’m done with my current project. It might still need some fine details worked out. But the design is done, and the hard part is over with.

Now, comes the really hard part. To promote it. Not sure anyone will ever use it. I’ve worked really hard on it; however, it seems no one cares. Not sure what I would have to build to make people pay attention. It would have to be something really special.

I think, my project was really special. But most people don’t give a damn. feeling like, hmm… Waiting for it. Life has to change, and right quick. Something has to be done to make life better. Feeling like, somehow, my life has to change.

Photo From Today – This is a test shot.

Not much going on. My life is very quiet. I’m not sure if I like the way things are. I have tried to get some attention, my efforts have all failed in whole. I’m feeling like, there should have been something they would have listened to me about. Right?

Seems, no one could even care at all. Feeling like, damn. This life has been kicking my dog. Tired of the neglect, the isolation. The way I feel isn’t very good either. But I’m dealing with it. Feeling like, damn it. bored. Wish I could change this shite.

Needed a girlfriend. I think, it’s far too late for a girlfriend to solve the problems. At this point, I’m not even sure that I would want anyone human in my life. Feeling like, the way things are, this life has been rough. Needed my life to change for the better.

Needed someone to spend time with me. Needed someone to talk with. The way things are, not much to look forward to. The isolation is so thick, if it were shit; you couldn’t stir it with a stick.

No one to talk with. Wish it were better. Tired of the world like it is. Something has to change. And right quick. Boredom sucks. Need some new project, feeling like, damn it. Not sure how to solve these problems; something has to be done.

How do humans live like this shit? Seems, they are existing as warm sacks of shit, but not doing much living. Are they happy like that? I don’t know how they can stand to live in that way. It drives me bat shit to live like that. I want life to be better. Don’t you want a better life?

Everyone needs someone sometimes. Even me!!

Send nitro cold brew coffee – I need some!

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