What Is The Matrix?

What is the matrix?

You want to talk about why the world is screwed up? I have answers to that. The problems are not obvious, unless you are thinking in terms of time, and space.

The matrix, is matrices of time and space, where time doesn’t exist. No one can really navigate the matrix, because the system is built to make everyone fail.

In simple terms, if you understand cosmology and the idea of a multi-verse, and parallel universes. When used in connection with time, you get the matrix.

The matrix is about control. They want, everyone to fail. The system is built so no one can survive it. The matrix is overlays of time, space, and the multi-verse.

So where you live matters, where you go to eat, matters. Those movie theaters, how many people have sat in those seats in time, and space? What is located in those places in other multi-verses? How is the space used, and to what end?

The matrix, is time, space, and other dimensions we can not see, or sense. It is time and space with overlays of the multi-verse. And the system is impossible to navigate.

Really Smart, Technology

Albert Einstein said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So what I want to know, is what does picking your nose do to you in the multi-verse? It is an idea. Something to get to the bottom of, and understand. You want a better world? You want to live better, I do.

Time and space, there is a dimension where time doesn’t exist. An overlay of time and space. Those who enter a room, are still there in this dimension. Where are you? In the matrix.

Time and space does strange things. Life is not that great right now, and a lot of it has to do with the matrix. And maybe, how the matrix is being used. Lots going on, lots happening.

Time And Space

The matrix, matrices of time and space. The overlays of other dimensions of the fabric of the multi-verse. You have to wonder, what is really going on in there. Life has been rough.

You would think, something could be done about it. Life has to get a lot better. Time and space, where is here? The multi-verse is a big place. Millions of parallel universes upon each other, over layed with objects existing at the same time in the same place. Basically, you have more than two objects existing in the same place and same time. You can not see them, because they are in a different dimension.

Every wonder about strange stuff? That is the answer.

What IF?

If you bought a six pack of soda, and drank all six of them. What if, it was all the same can of soda, just in six different versions of the multi-verse? But you interact with all six cans of soda. It is all the same can of soda, just six duplicates.

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