Are You A Robot?

Thinking about awareness, consciousness. Is anyone in this world more than living clay? Can you prove it? Seems, these people, they don’t listen, they don’t think, and they can not reason.

They have ears; yet, they don’t hear. They have eyes; yet they don’t understand. What is wrong with the world that these problems are present? Seems, no one is able to have a conversation.

The world, is sick. People have lost their kindness. They don’t know how to be more than idiots. What is wrong with the world today? Why do we have these problems? If not kept in check, it will spiral out of control. We don’t want that to happen.

People have to start to care about others. Right quick! Someone is going to have to care about more than money, and power, and give a shit about being a decent human being.

The isolation, the stonewalling, and silent treatment sucks. Not able to change my life. And, today will not be different in a thousand yesterdays. Tired of the world like it is. They don’t think. They don’t want to listen. Why?


If you were in solitary confinement, would you be happy, or even functioning very well? Not likely. Yet, here I am. This life is not what I had in mind. My thoughts were that my life would have value, that my life would have meaning, and purpose.

The way that I’m being treated, my life feels worthless. The isolation sucks. It feels like punishment from God. Why?

No one cares. No one listens. They could not be bothered. Not a friend in the world. No one to write, or talk with. No one calls, no one writes, no one really texts me. I’ve been in this shit, a long time. Going on two years. I’m not able to change this shit. No one wants to help, no one wants to talk with me. Why?

What is the problem, that the human race is ghosting me? Why will no one write me back? Why will no one really talk with me? What is the damn problem? I think, the world is sick. It is a problem with the current situation. People are lost, and acting like damn robots.

We wanted a lot better than this. Why are people so screwed up? Does no one give a shit? It feels like this world, is on the brink. Like everyone is about to have a nervous break down, and cry in the isle with the cheese, and diapers.

People have to start thinking. No one is listening. Everyone talks a lot, but no one is really listening. They don’t want to change their ways. The change is too difficult for them to grasp. They don’t want better, they don’t want to do what is best. They want to stay broken. Why?

Thinking is difficult. They are not accustom to thinking. They let everyone else do the thinking, and everyone else has turned their thinking over to someone else. So who is in control? The world is screwed up place. Someone should have been more careful.

Tired of being alone like I am.. This isolation, the stonewalling, silent treatment, its abusive. I think, my Stockholm syndrome has worn off. Tired of the abuse, the treatment, and conditions.

My life is not very good. It should have been a lot better. No one will come to my aid. No one is coming to rescue me. No one gives a shit.

Waiting for the day, I drop dead.

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