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You need to change. . .

The world today, needs to change its diapers. The current situation is starting to smell so bad, even me with my rotting teeth can not stand the stench.

Something has to be done. This world, this lifestyle. How do you not gag on it, is it not a mouthful of poo? And yet, you swallow it with glee. “That is the way things are.” you say. Make the best of it, and count your blessings.

Someone should have told them, they are doing it wrong. They would never listen to me. Pity. They want some alien technology to solve all their problems, but don’t want to lift a finger to make life better for someone else; even when it is in their power to do such.

The world, is an asylum. Some of us are medicated. What should scare the shit out of you, is a lot of them are not even medicated. Pity the world, is a sick place. Wanted the world to be a better place. They won’t listen to me about it. Abuse continues to happen. No one even cares.

The way things are, someone should start to care. Something is wrong with the world. People don’t care about anyone these days. Something has to happen, that makes people start to care about their fellow beings. People today, it seems just don’t give a damn.

It is immoral the way people don’t care about each other. We should be giving a damn about other people, then world events. Seems, the only thing people understand today is money. People only like you, if you have something they want. And these days, people are rabid about getting more money. They don’t give a damn about your being.

People used to give a damn. People used to care.

They lost their magic; many, many years ago. I was born to sail away. Not to be tied to a stone grave. I was made to love magic.

– Nick Drake

Bored with my life. This living death, this zombie cat shit of an existence. They seem so pleased with living like this. There is no life here. This existence, no one cares about me. It is like, I’m worthless trash to them.

Someone should start to care again. Life will not be a good place if kindness becomes a luxury good. You want better than that, right? I know, that I do. It is important to me. My thoughts about this should matter, someone should care? Anyone?

The world is a sick place. They don’t even listen anymore. They talk, and talk. But listening, they don’t understand what you say. Pity!!

Needed some care. Needed some love. Everyone needs someone sometimes. Feeling like, this life has been ruthless cruel. Seems, no one will understand my suffering. No one will understand my pain. And it seems, they could not even give a shit!

Life like it is, something has to be done. The way this is, no one listens. No one cares. Are they even real people? There is reason to believe, many of them are pumpkin heads. The world, is a sick place.

Wanted my life to be worth living. Wanted to make a difference in the world that was worthy of living. Seems, no one will listen to me. My effort is ignored, and treated like rubbish. Some sick world they are going to have to live in. Pity, we want life to be better than this.

What haven’t we said, that they fail to understand what we mean? Seems, they are pumpkin heads to the max. Seems, no one listens. They could not even care. Some sick world we live in.

Who could know, what happens in your mind? Leave your mind behind. Some sighs, tell your story to the wind.

Nick Drake

Colder Weather

I think, the cold is starting to wear the crickets down. They have slowed their chime, to a slow crawl. Such is life, my life seems hardly matters. I was in thought today, wrote a poem. About change, and the need for change. Pity, no one will read it.

The colder days, and the shorter days. Seems winter is coming, the days are getting much shorter. There is some comfort in autumn. Change, but it always brings the spring. More change.

There is need to find a safe place to land, to get comfortable where one is stationed, and make the best of it. There is some reason to believe; that God has willed it be such. Even in divine plans, there may be some discomfort to be had. Endure what you must.

My life feels meaningless, my services are not wanted here. They have no need from me. They don’t want to talk with me, they surely don’t want my company. That much is obvious. Seems, that what they want from me, is a warm sack of shit. Wanted my life to mean more to them, then that.

Seems, no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put forth. It will all be treated like worthless rubbish. I might have done something for them, they might have even liked it. At this point, the double binds are so tight, no one can breath. Some stalemate.

Time should have made it better. It can heal wounds, even wounds like these. But they have to stop hurting you, before you can heal. Otherwise, it just develops into so much scar tissue, that the wounds seem to go on and on. . .

Who can judge these quiet moments, of passing time. The skill required is great. To be content while in pain, to endure hurt and loss, you can not cure, or fix.

The conditions that one must wait in, determines how calm the situation is. When there is nothing but pain, chaos will unfold. Sometimes, they want to hurt you; and even then to be forgiving with the thumb.

What can be done? Likely, we are going to have to wait. One persons paradise, is another mans hell. Seems, they have told me, to go to hell, and wait. The irony of fate. Do be kind to others. Karma it seems, may have a sense of humor.

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