Solutions To Most Things

Hold my hand as we count the hours?

Solutions are not difficult to come by. If you can think, reason, and use logic. If you have the ability to do that, you really don’t need this article. However, if you are lacking, for the sake of rhetoric, I will give some nice details.


By having some love, many problems can be solved. Talk with people, listen to what they have to say. Think about their lives, and work to understand their perspective.

There is much to be said, about trying to understand someone else’s perspective. And really, if you are loving; you will want to understand them better.

Have some love, hug, hold, and cherish others. Look for what you can like about them, and don’t find fault in everything they do. Look for the good in others, if you are really thinking; you won’t have to look far.

Be Creative

Spend a few hours a day, being creative. Develop skill, and talent in something creative; and make use of your skills in the best ways possible. There is much to be said for being productive, and being creative is a win win type thing. It will give you something to do, and will produce something at the same time. Produce something great.

You will develop a sense of self mastery through your efforts. You will find meaning and purpose in creating something you like. Do what you can, be useful, and give people your work. They might like that. Give people good things.

Make Good Choices

Success comes from a long line of making good choices. It doesn’t happen by accident. You have to make good choices, and keep doing the same for a long time. By making good choices, you can be in a better situation to make further good choices. That leads to success.

Make good use of your time, your effort, and your skill. The best things will make you grow, use your skill and take some effort. Don’t always do what is just the easiest thing; sometimes, you have to put forth some real effort. Don’t be in the bad habit of being so comfortable that everything is difficult. That won’t lead to success. If anything, the path of most comfort, and ease; leads to failure.

Find a happy medium, where work is fun, and you do good work. Life will be better for it. The more you do, the better life will get. Life is meant to be lived. Do some real living. A life of ease and comfort can be something to be had, if you do what is difficult before it’s too late.

Things that SUCK!

Don’t think having a million followers on Instagram, or tik tok, and then marketing your book, art, poetry to them will make your life better. If anything, you are going to waste a lot of time, in futile effort trying to gain thousands of followers, and be very unhappy with the process. Stand in front of a donut shop, and give out flyers. You will have better success.

The state of the internet is not good. You can forget having success with online ventures. These days, its pointless to even try that route. You are going to have to have some serious backup plans if you want to go down that road. Like a winning lottery ticket already cashed in.

Speaking of the lottery. Don’t play. You will waste your effort, money, and build unrealistic hopes and dreams. Instead, take your time to build being content, and satisfied with the life you already have. Do what you can to make your life worth living, and enjoy being alive.

Suck the marrow from life. Sing, dance, eat good food. Listen to music, and write bad poetry. Draw, and paint, and doodle. Send them to your dog, for inspection. If your dog approves of them, they are good enough. Do make fido happy. You want to impress the little darling.

Wasting your time, moping, or not doing something that produces fine fruit, will not result in happiness. You have to get real living in. Make the most of it. Do what you can, while you can. Make your life great. You don’t want to be old, and wish you had lived a full life. Live your life, while you can, start today. Make good choices, and keep doing good things for yourself, and others.

Living vs Existence


There is a difference between living, and just existing. Be sure, you are doing some real living; and not just existing like a warm sack of poo.

Make good choices, and be creative. Do what you can, to make the most of it. You have to dream a bit, and really have some love of life. You have to be more than just existing. Life is meant to be lived. Get something out of your living. If nothing else, be useful to others, and make their lives worth living. That is good too. Find something useful, and that gives you meaning and purpose to being alive. Enjoy your life.

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