Today’s Toxic Culture

Someone Save Us From Today’s Toxic Culture

The modern world, it has what seems like everything a person could want. There is a little bit of everything, and there is always something for whatever kind of taste a person may have.

It also comes complete with about five billion idiots. There is where the problem is. These damn idiots are toxic to the modern culture that would allow a person to thrive in today’s modern world. This culture has become toxic, and if not treated will poison itself and die.

However, this toxic culture leaves virtually no one unscathed. Everyone is feeling the effects of the modern toxic culture. No one is happy with the way this is. Therefore, everyone is upset about something. And some people are actually making money from being upset about stupid stuff. They actually go out looking for something to be mad about.

There is a song about them. The song is “Paradise” by KMFDM. It talks about how this planet is a paradise for assholes. Because, it has not escaped my notice that today’s modern culture is toxic. People are afraid, and some people want them to be afraid.

What we need is someone to save us from this toxic culture. Someone is going to have to identify the parts of society that aren’t working and make adjustments. All too often the only thing driving today’s modern culture today is politics.

Leaders Have Failed

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have any true leaders. The world could use a lot more of people being right in the head. Today’s modern toxic culture is a battle of buffoons.

Today’s toxic culture is set to self implode. At the rate this is going, the world will blink and be out of existence. Too many people are not thinking, too many people have forgotten how to be wise. Seems everyone is talking, but no one is listening.

I’ve seen the neglect that I’m being exposed to. It is unhealthy. I’m not able to change it, and I’m angry about the way this situation is working out. No one gives a shit.

In some ways, we need someone to stop this society from imploding. Something has to be done to bring back the understanding and patience that are needed. People need to be a lot kinder. I’ve been saying this for years, yet; no one listens.

This toxic culture has problems that it is hurting itself. It really is, if a person were to act like the modern culture is behaving they would lock them up and medicate them. People don’t see the harm they are doing, and no one is leading us to salvation.

Someone Save Us From Toxic Culture

Therefore, someone is going to have to teach them a lesson. First be kind, then seek to understand. Then after both of those items are being met, then seek to be understood. Then work peacefully to resolve the problems in ways that makes everyone happy.

A lot of people are going to have to isolate themselves from the world. Because they can not stand others different viewpoints. Too many people need an attitude adjustment. Drinking isn’t helping, nor is the television. Take some time and reset your emotional state of being and think about the problems for a while. Then talk in a reasonable way about what you know.

I’m bored with the world because in order to thrive it seems you have to be an asshole. Because, the problem is, the biggest asshole at the end of the day, is still just an asshole.

However, the point is to live in such a way that you make life better for everyone, and being the biggest asshole isn’t going to solve the problem. You have to teach them how to do better than that. The point is, people need to learn how to be better.

Therefore, instead of a culture of assholes, let’s have a culture of people that are wise, and have self mastery to be great. Because, that is better in the long run. Can you believe that would be better?

Give it some thought.

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