True Grit

Life is rough, and if a man wants to make it; he has to be tough. – Johnny Cash

The way things are, life is not getting better. People are going to have to learn how to be kind again. Yet, they are going to have to be pretty damn tough. The way this is, life isn’t better.

The way life is, people don’t listen. They don’t think. Pity. Not sure what everyone is doing these days. How are you living? Not much going on. The way this is.

The isolation sucks. Everyone needs someone sometimes. Been without a long time. They don’t seem to give a shit. Doesn’t bother them to hurt me like they do. They do not even care.

Someone should have cared by now. You would think, someone would have noticed by now? Seems, the world is a screwed up place. People have their lives, but are they really living? How many people are living like damn zombie cat shit? Pity.

The world, it seems is on the brink. A turning point. Going to have to be pretty damn tough to make it through it. Going to have to show some true grit. You know? Bored with being alone. Need some road out of here. Nowhere to go.

Not much going on. Living like a warm sack of shit. Not much better, then eating, sleeping, and shitting. Life is supposed to be more than that. By a lot. Pity, someone wants it this way.

Not sure what to do about it. No one listens. No one reads. They treat me like I don’t matter. Well, not to them. Life should have been a lot better. There is no excuse.

How you living? Are you active? Do you have enough to eat? Looking at a cold winter this year. Not much going on. Waiting for life to change. It should have changed already. I don’t know what went wrong. Or where it went wrong?

Doesn’t seem to matter what I write. No one gives a shit. The modus operandi of the world seems to be: “No one cares.” Pity, someone should have cared. It’s not right. Feeling like, damn it. Modern life. This living death. Damn zombie cat shit.

And no one really cares. This world is sick. Life is meant to be lived. One should be able to live well. You would think, we would all be living the life of our dreams these days. This is not my dream. It must be someone’s dream; however, I doubt it’s my dream.

Need a better dreamer. Maybe, someday. Everyone has some hopes, and dreams. Something they want to do. Or see happen. Needed my life to change for the better. Needed it a long time ago.

It is a fu**ed up world. They don’t listen. They don’t think. Not sure, how to reach their hearts and minds. Seems useless to try. Borg. They have their heads all programmed for them. That is why, no one gives a shit. They don’t know better. Twisted!!

Not making progress. Not able to see my life change. Seems, there is nothing that I can do to make this better. Not much else, that I can give up, or quit. Tired of the failure, the lack of success. Tired of the fact, people ignore me, and my work. They just don’t care. Maybe, it’s nothing personal. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way.

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