One World Government – Hopefully Soon!

With all the hubbub, so many people are depressed today. I don’t see much reason to be depressed about much, its still life like it has always been. For things to really get better, life has to change by a lot. What we are looking for is a one world government. It is so much easier to rule one government than a hundred factions of people that want to rule themselves.

Maybe it won’t be long before a One World Government is set in order, and things start to change and run a lot smoother. It has been rough going the last twenty years in this world, a lot has happened; and much that shouldn’t have happened, has.

Times are tough, life has to get better for everyone, you know? No need to be depressed, you will likely get to grow old and die, just like everyone else. You shouldn’t really be disappointed with the current situation, it could have been worse. I think maybe there is some hope to be had, there is hope to be had.

Not everyone always gets their way, but you can take comfort in the fact that life, while not always fair, should at least allow you to keep your dignity intact. Whether you can still respect yourself after what they have done is a different matter, but its not open for debate.

The way life has been, this should have never happened in the first place. Pity!! Wanted life to be a lot better, no one would listen, they didn’t care, didn’t give a damn what I thought. They just talked over the top of me, disregarded me, and treated me like shit.

They should have been kind. You know, kindness is godly. The lack of kindness shows a real disrespect to their God. Life could have been better, it should have been better. The treatment of everyone, as though, because they are different; somehow they are not good enough to be loved, shows how sick society has become.

They are all made out of clay. Think about that. Let that sink in.

Life should have been better. They don’t listen. Its too late now.

Pity. Maybe we will get one world government to solve some of these problems for a while, maybe it can still be worked out; so these things don’t ever happen again, and will be distant memories.

Memento Mori.

It is time for change. Regardless of what you believe, life is still going to change; so you may want to change your diet. If you think you are going to get cake and booze, maybe you should try some nice dust from the windowsill. Just wait around for the phone call from God.

Photo Credit: Photo by Project 290 on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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