Miscellaneous Musings

Love Matters

In times like these, love matters a whole lot. Tough times we are living in. People are unhappy, and hurting. Love matters a whole lot. You have to be kind in thought and deed. Never wish others harm, nor yourself.

It helps if you can show love, by doing something nice for others, or being there for them. Sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them. It would help an awful lot if you actually heard what they say and understood it.

Kindness is not over rated. Because if kindness becomes a luxury good, who could afford to continue to live in this world? Seems, people have forgotten, how to be really kind. That is a lesson they are going to have to re-learn from the ground up.

Be kind, doing good things for others. It isn’t wasted effort, nor is the act worthless. It has some value; as the sun continues to shine, do what you can for others.


It seems they continue to punish me, using isolation as a weapon to hurt me, to force my hand into doing what they want. No one will talk with me, or spend time with me. No one answers my calls, and the internet seems completely worthless trash. No one writes me, no one reads what I write. I feel useless, and worthless. It seems my services here are not wanted, nor needed.

The isolation seems to be punishment from God, because everyone is ghosting me. They don’t answer email, they don’t talk with me. They don’t answer my questions, or spend time with me. Why do they want to hurt me this way? I’m not really doing anything that they could hate me for? Am I? Seems, there is no way to explain it, you would have to live my life to understand it!

The problem is, I’m bored. No projects I have worked on have seen success. Nothing is working out, seems my life is junk. I’m treated like there is no value in me. You know, when people like you, they tend to see the best in you. When they don’t like you; they see the worst. Tired of the fact, the good qualities I do have are being treated like its rubbish. No one to talk with about anything. Pity; if they knew me, this life would be different.


The world, it seems is starving to death. People have forgotten how to be kind, what is involved in doing what is best. They don’t even listen anymore. They have ears; yet, they fail to hear. Something is wrong with the way things are. I’m not sure how to reach their hearts and minds at this point. I’ve about given up on the human race, because they act as through they are deaf and blind. The world, is going to get awful hungry for something to eat. We wanted a lot better than this.

Kindness should never be a luxury good. Pray, that the world will change in time; before it’s too late. The world needs people that care, and that will listen to each other. Please start thinking, and listening to each other. Life has to get better.

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