Dead End

This, is not my last post. It is however a point, that has seen the dead end finally reached. The world sucks, people don’t care any longer, and no one wants to be friends.

The world is running out of supplies, toilet paper is low, people have less patience, and more hostilities than you can shake a stick at. People don’t communicate any longer, they talk “To” each other like everyone is a damn idiot.

Dead End

Personally, I say good riddance. This world has been on a burner for so long, the kettle boiled dry, and burned a hole in the bottom of it. Seems, someone is going to have to mend the pan, or find some new way to repurpose the world into something more useful.

I’m not sure there will be much use for the way things are. Seems, no one listens, no one thinks, and most people are too unhappy to care. It is going to boil down to food, clothing, and shelter. Maybe you will have an education in life.

The problems of this world, it is sordid. Who wants to put up with this miserable existence like it is? People don’t listen to each other anymore. Everyone is tired of the talk. We need some actions that speak louder than words.


The first world problems have left an intellectual problem of having to talk about nothing, as though it were really something. People don’t like it when you talk about things that matter. Everything depends on what their opinion is, and if they disagree with you, they are done on every level.

People used to have some backbone. People used to be stronger. The world has bred weakness, and impurity into people’s lives. Seems, you can no longer trust anyone these days. Every fiber that once mattered has been torn asunder.

This seems to be the end. One can hope, that the kettle that boiled dry, and burned a hole in the bottom of it; will be made good use of, maybe for something other than fodder for bullets.

People have to start to care again. Too many people, like to have their ears tickled. They want to hear exactly something that is less real, less true. That seems to make them happy. Maybe, they are fake people? Real people, like to hear the truth!

Some Hole

What we face, is more of an existential existence crisis than ever before. People are fake, they talk about fake stuff, and have the nerve to be upset if you want to talk about anything more important.

They don’t listen, they don’t read. They don’t think. It is like a program that is running in the matrix, and people don’t have the good sense to turn it off. Pity!

The matrix is about control. And they are willing to control you, right down to having your mind programmed for you. Maybe, you having free will was too much to hope for, because they want to take that away from you too!

Sometimes, we have to think. And live. I’m tired of the world like it is. I’m not afraid of the change that needs to be made, what I’m really afraid of, is that things will stay the same. That will never do under these conditions. Wanted my life to be better. Sometimes, change is good. The world, it seems has reached a dead end. Like some col-de-sack that people keep going around and around on. I have to wonder, if people ever get tired of the ride?

Find A Safe Place To Land

My advice: Keep your life simple. Find a nice safe place to land, and keep yourself put in place for a while. Endure what you must, take the enjoyment you can find from being alive, and try to make the world a better place through being kind, and respectful of others.

Find a safe place to land, and make the best of it. Do what you can to help others through the muck, and be a helping hand to those you can help along the way. Do what you can, to make life cool for someone else.


The world has not done well for itself. There is a lot of failure in this world, and many have lost the vision of having something better. It helps if you can think past the TV, and the latest trend. Have some common sense, and start to see things for what they are. Find out what has real value, and then make use of it. Find a safe place to land, and help those you can along the way find shelter.

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