Does Solitary Confinement Mean The End? A Creative Outlook!

What does living look like for you? One can hope, you have enough food to eat, and have clothing on your back. With a roof over your head, and clean water to drink?

How many people are existing in isolation these days? Google says, 36% of Americans feel the effects of isolation and loneliness. That is no real surprise, with the pandemic, and current state of affairs; much has changed in the world.

Solitude vs. Isolation

If you find yourself in a good situation being alone, and have chosen to seek your own company for a period of time, this is called solitude. It can be very comforting, and even relaxing.

However, there is another type of being alone, it is called isolation. This would be situations that are not of your own free choice. Sometimes, in isolation; you can find some solitude. It however doesn’t feel the same when there is no relief.

How one can make the best of it, is by making good use of your time. This is important, make your alone time better by making very good use of your time. If you spend your time alone watching tv, or playing video games, are you really making good use of your time?

A Box Of Solitude

Solitude can be wonderful. There is some good that comes from it. When you have the choice to be alone, and can make good use of your time; it can be very enjoyable.

The view you set before you determines how enjoyable solitude is. A vast valley set before you can mean great freedom, and much enjoyment. However, sitting in an office with no windows doesn’t offer the same freedom.

Make a habit of having a clear view of the moon, and spend time outside.


If you sit indoors much of the day, only having four walls of horror doesn’t really make long term solitude very enjoyable. There would not be much difference between that, and a prison cell. You have to change your views to something more enjoyable. Get outdoors.

Solitude can be very rewarding. When used correctly. The point here to take into consideration, is using it properly. If you use your time to make yourself better, to build yourself up, and make life better for yourself, those are win win type situations.

Much can be learned. You can teach yourself new things. If you make good use of your time, you can read, and learn to paint. Much can come from it. Its only limited by what you can imagine doing with your time. Possibilities are endless.

An Isolated Toad

If you are isolated, you may turn into a toad. Well, not literally, but so to speak. If you use the time you are alone, to tear yourself down, and make life woe, doom, and gloom; it’s not going to get better.

You have to turn the situations around, make good use of your time. The better use of your time you can make, the better off you will be. Develop new skills, and learn all that you can.

Don’t use the time, to tear yourself down. That is not healthy. There needs to be a better way to use your time. Seriously, unfuck yourself. The time is now. Don’t wait. Friend, see to it.

A Mixed Bag

Sometimes, we have a mixed bag of solitude, and isolation. In some situations, it may be healthy to seek new friends. A man should have some friends in his life. It is not good to be so alone, that no one in this world knows you. You should have a circle of people, that know you. It is just not healthy to be so alone, and exist like a ghost in this world. That is not a wise course of action. Choose your friends wisely, and keep some at hand.


Make good habits. Excellence is by choice. Choose to make the best use of your time, regardless if you are seeking solitude, or isolated. The better use of your time you can make, the better the quality of life you will have. Who knows what you will discover? You may learn something new, that changes the world!

When isolation feels like punishment, and you’re not able to change it; there is a problem. Seek the advice of others to help you.

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