Various Musings

The World Is A Prison

Seems to me, this world is a damn prison. No friends, no job, no girlfriend. No one to talk with. Bored out of my mind, and if you knew the cost of cigarettes, you would be shocked to the core.

This cage, the way things are. I’m dealing with it, best I can. I have Bach, and the fifth. There is some comfort to be had, if you like cigarettes, and coffee. There is music here, but it really lacks of intellectual conversations.

I’m bored with the way things are. Not able to change my life for the better. Every project I’ve taken on, has failed. I’ve not seen one success in anything I’ve done in five years. Maybe, much longer than that.

The Matrix & Control

The matrix is about control. They use illness to manipulate and control people to do or not do what they want. It’s about power, and control. Pure and simple. They want to take your freedom away from you. They don’t believe in free will. They will choose for you. And most people lack the ability to choose for themselves.

The control, is such that people would never be able to rebel. Not in any meaningful way that would have any effect. They would take you out. Resistance is futile. They hate sprite, they hate cigarettes. They hate tattoos. They don’t believe in letting you live. Think you have free will? Think again. It is only the illusion of free will. The choices have already been made for you.

Fake People

The world today seems chock full of fake people. They talk about fake shit, and make fake friends, and talk about movies with fake people in them. They don’t like real stuff. Pity!!

It seems, these fake people are getting more and more like zombies these days. They don’t think, they don’t listen, they don’t understand much you say. They have their own opinions, and they will be the first to shut you down, if you disagree with them. More control from the matrix. They have programs that are here to make you think like they want you to think.

These fake people, are about control, and manipulation. They will control the conversation, and manipulate you into thinking like them. That is what they want. Friends it seems are a burden.

Wanted life to be better. Feeling like, damn it. Tired of the cage, the matrix, and fake people. Something has to change. Maybe, the world will end, and we will all get what we want?

Shell Shock

Seems, the world is screwed. What goes today? How are you living? Do you have a creative life? Are you happy like the way this is? What do you think about on a regular basis? Are you in a loop? Maybe, this blog post will break your bad voodoo, and make you feel better?

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