Questions For You!!

I want to ask a few questions of you. I hope, you will answer them.

1. How are you living?

How are you living these days? Do you get enough outdoor time? Are you physically active to an extent that your physical needs are being met?

2. Do you exercise your creative muscles?

Are you being creative? Do you live a creative life? Are you doing anything that helps you? Is it respected?

3. How are your relationships?

Do you have healthy relationships? When you talk, do people hear you and listen to you and what you are trying to communicate? What kinds of things do you talk about with others? Are you respected?

4. Do you find the 21st century interesting?

A lot of people, think this is the end all be all to life. Do you want more than this? What don’t you have currently that you would like to have that doesn’t currently exist?

5. Does anything I have asked make sense to you?

I wonder if you can answer these questions?

Something to think about:

When was the last time, you spent an hour thinking everyday for months on end in meditation? What do you think about yourself, your life, and the people around you? Can you get out of your own head? How?

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