Efforts In Limbo

My project is rapidly approaching completion.

My project is almost done. Just a few more points to cover, some fine details to iron out. I’m not sure how to feel about this one. I should be very proud of myself for doing this kind of work, most people would be. I think, for me it will depend on “If” people will use it?

It has been a day. I’m not sure about what project I want to take on next, if anything. Maybe I will make taking a thousand photographs my next project. That should keep me busy for at least a month. It is something to be done, and I would enjoy it a lot.

I’m not sure anyone cares about my projects, it seems there is a general feeling of indifference about what I’ve been doing. That doesn’t settle with me very well. Makes me feel like, I’m not important enough for anyone to really give a damn about my efforts.

That is kind of a hard pill to swallow. I’m not sure how to change the situation. As though, there is nothing I could do that would be making it better.

Something here has to change, life has to get better. My project has been in the works for months. It has taken many hours of difficult work, and effort to make it happen. I would hope someone would appreciate that.

People in general don’t listen very well; I would have thought, by writing my stuff down they would listen better. Seems, they don’t want to read my work. Wish it were better.

This week is looking good, so far. Now if Starbucks will fix the Nitro Cold Brew machine, we will be rock’en the rest of this week. One can always hope. Nitro Cold Brew keeps me happy these days, I’m not sure how we lived without it before they had made it. Now that I have had it, I’m hooked; Totally!!

Want to check my project out? Point your browser to: that is where I put this one, and the photos that were there, have all been moved to Misfit.Ctopher.Me. Vivo Vim will for a little while point you to the right place, but that will go away soon.

What can one do? Seems when faced with an impossible situation, one must always do something impossible. Not sure how I’m going to get myself though it. Something has to start looking up for me.

Those are current thoughts, not much else going on. Different day, but the same load of junk. Pity!

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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