Status: Bored Isolation

This isolation, it’s been real. . .

Not much going on. Same shit, different day. No one seems to give a damn. They don’t care. I’m not sure how they live like they do. I wouldn’t even call it living. They think highly of it, it must mean something to them.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with life. It has been kicking my dog. Some days are better than others, today wasn’t bad. Feels still so heavy to deal with. Not able to change my situation for the life of me. They don’t want the situation to be different. I’m not sure why?

This isolation is all I know. Not much going. Needed my teeth fixed. Feeling like, damn it. Wish it were tons better. Not sure how to make life better at this point. No one listens. Feeling like, damn.

Just money won’t fix my problems. Not at all. I really need more than a job, a girlfriend, and friends. It wouldn’t help my status, because what I’m lacking is respect and honor, and dignity.

I’m bored with the way this is. Not able to change it. I’ve tried. The way things are, it doesn’t matter what I do. They don’t seem to care. Nothing I have done is good enough for them. They treat it like it is worthless to them. My effort doesn’t matter to them. They couldn’t care about the effort I put forth.

I’m not really sure, what they care about. What is it they respect?

I’m bored with the way this is. Not getting what I need. Not getting what I want. This isolation is all I know. Wish it were better. Seems to be lost somewhere between this life and the dead sea of ether.

There should have been somewhere I fit in, or belong. I have to wonder if anyone out there loves me? There are days, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Not sure how to change this shit.

Being a misfit is sometimes it’s own reward. Somedays, its all I can do to be kind. That seems to be an act of rebellion these days.

Because there are day, people don’t listen.

Ghosted To Death

Seems, the world has ghosted me to death. Tired of them treating me like I don’t matter. They don’t seem to care. Pity!

Something has to change. Today will not be different in a hundred yesterdays. I’ve tried for years.

It should have changed by now!

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