Some Solutions

Solutions To Problems

Start listening to what other people really say. Much of the problems in today’s world, could be solved if people were to really listen.

Start being kind. Ghosting people, using isolation, stonewalling, and silent treatment like weapons of warfare is ruthless cruel.

Love other beings. The lack of love in today’s world, is a problem. People have forgotten how to really love, and it shows.

Stop watching TV. Really people watch too much television. Your life will never look, or feel like that. Get real, get in tune. Real life is different, and you have to make the best of it.

People need to eat. The need for quality food, and to be able to eat one good meal; every night of the week really matters.

Listen to music. By listening to music, it activates every part of the mind, and allows you to be more creative.

Drink coffee. Coffee is good for you. Have some…

Why I bother to write, is unknown. Rotting to death, waiting for life to change; and it seems, it is never going to get better.

Isolation continues to be a problem. No one to talk with. No one it seems even cares. Pity life is ruthless cruel. People should learn to be kind again. And stop oppressing others.

Bored. The way things are. Trying to deal with it.


The gas station attendant didn’t know what to do. The world it seems has changed. People no longer want, or need his services. Pity that he has a family to feed, and bills to pay.

The world runs on clean energy now. People almost gaged on the concept. We had to ram it down the throats of people for twenty years before they would begin to listen.

Maybe, people will be able to find jobs they like, and enjoy doing? There is some hope to be had, if you estimate your prize, in broken mathematics, and some door that will not open. Seems, people no longer read. They really don’t want to think. That is too much work, and effort. They want the easy route, they want easy street. Yet, they put up a lot of resistance to change, because thinking is difficult.

Change is never easy. People however, have forgotten how to be kind, and you would think a change like that would have been resisted, and blocked at every opportunity. It has happened anyways, much to the harm of humanity.

Now days, the most conversation a person can get is at the drive thru speaker when ordering their fancy drinks, and maybe paying. They love it when you pay. They don’t give a shit about anyone but the almighty dollar.

Out Of Road

Seems, the road stops here. Some dirt lot, with a trail that goes nowhere but some barren desert. What mountain top is not a dead end? Who climbs a mountain and has a road at the top taking them somewhere great? Never seen it.

Seems the roads go somewhere, they all end in some prison. Humanity keeps building these dead ends, and people keep taking the fastest route to the top. Seems, they don’t see they are going nowhere. But they are all in some hurry to get there.

If there were a road out of this cage, like a man could set himself free from society, and being oppressed. He would not find anything at the end of the road. Maybe, in nothing there is something to be had?

That is empty reasoning. Yet, life it seems has become completely absurd. There is no logic that could prepare a person for the unreasonable and insane ways people are living today.

People forty years ago, would have shit themselves had they known the world they were building. They would have done something about it. They would have used a brake, or a hammer differently.

There is no road here that goes forward. Progress is only going backwards, and everyone has a one step forward, two steps back approach. Everyone wants off this crazy ride, and wants a refund.

They always take the money

They look the other way, and take your money all the same. Some profit, some good food. Lots of free television to keep your mind from thinking, or listening to anyone else. You got, such a deal!

They don’t give a shit about anyone. Yet, they take your money, all the same. Maybe they don’t want to know; because they have their own problems, and someone is paying them good money to take yours.

Where does all that cash go? Is there some heaven for money; where it is free to live its life, and enjoy the life it never had when it was working for everyone, and their brother? Does it believe in hell?

Plenty of people, have been brought low, to some hell all the same. But there is no money there. Everyone suffers equally; free of charge. You would have to be some kind of masochist to believe you would enjoy it. And today, maybe people don’t care where they land. We are out of road, and they always take the money. However, at the top of the mountain of money; there is no road home. Everyone has to climb back down, and go somewhere, right?

What hole in the ground are you going to crawl into, when life changes, and people feel life has fucked them over? Something should have been done, a long time ago.

No one cares. No one will read this. It is absurd, like the life people are living. And if you don’t see the sense in story; maybe, they have a mountain of money waiting for you. You just have to find the right way to be kind, do what is noble, and be yourself.

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