In conversation, I mentioned that someone had once said, “An idea could change the world, if you ram it down enough people’s throats.” It seems though, that they are so dense; I would have to tape the idea to the side of a rock for it to be useful.

They said, “Sugar coat it.” Thinking about it; I have sugar coated this stuff for years, no one listens, no one cares, and no is thinking.

So to be fair and keep consistent with having only one form of uniformity; I’m going to ram the same rock down everyones throat. Its questionable though if the rock will always have the same boogers on it.

I’m bored, tired of being alone. You see, this isolation sucks. Therefore this same rock is going to make you believe in something. They could have been kind, they could have listened. Wish they would have. You wouldn’t like it here, there ain’t no entertainment, and the judgements are severe. They been playing bubble gum for a long time. The tune is about to change.

Nothing left to do. Waiting for the miracle to come. . .

Photo Credit: Photo by Jessica Castillo on Unsplash

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