The Human Paradox

The Difference; What Separates Men From Humans

There are just a few things that really you need to know. While the topic will generate a broad discussion of many topics, the focus today is on the subject of what separates a man from a human.

It is a popular misconception that all men are human. Really there are men and their kin in this world, then there are humans. The two kinds it seems have been at each others throats for eons. Really something has to be done to make life better for everyone.

One of the main differences between a male human and a man is that the man has a soul. Humans of themselves have no immortal soul and are just living clay.

A man however has a true soul that can not be replaced. While many a man has had mortal parents that were human, the difference will always soon become clear by his early twenties.

Some human religions preach that the humans have no immortal soul, therefore they are a religion for humans. Real men should have nothing to do with them. Real men have no need for religion.

Real men are few and far between; even more rare in this world is a true lady. But that is a different matter. Most of the women in this world are all humans. This however doesn’t mean that a man can not be born from a human. Such is life.

Real men are different than humans. If you looked closely, the differences in behavior would shock you. A human is really little more than magnetic ink. That is putting the situation in a delicate way and being kind.

All too long, my kind have been abused, tortured, and cheated out of living a good life by humans that hate true men. They are not kind, respectful, or loving towards men that are true men.

It’s not any longer about the battle of the sexes, because the men in this world have been pushed all too far by those that are human in this world who have hurt my kind.

Wanted my life better a long time ago. It is too late to make it right with me. The humans in this world must be taught some important lessons. Mostly that in real life, they are nothing more than magnetic ink.

Remember to be kind, Life has been far too cruel. Treat others with respect, regardless of what paradox there is.

Real men shouldn’t eat watermelon. Once a pumpkin, always a pumpkin. Smashing Pumpkins Forever!

See my article about what a real man today should be.

Photo Credit: Photo by Metis Designer on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas; Your 42bitpi Geek

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One response to “The Human Paradox”

  1. Some say, “There are only humans here.” I’m feeling generous, and willing to give those I like the benefit of the doubt to prove themselves. Let’s see how things go before we make rash choices. Also of note: Humans were supposed to take care of us, I think they have abused their positions. Pity.

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