Vivo Vim

Life goes on. Me, I’m thinking about leaving. Maybe for good. Well, that is what Beth Wood sings about in her song, “Leaving.” Been thinking about rubbish. Some idea a movie plot contained. You know, a movie can be a really moving thing, in emotional terms.

Seems, no one cares. Someone is going to have to care. How about you? Why not? Someone should give a damn, why not you? Really, there is no excuse for the way things are. It is only getting worse, and someone is going to have to give a shit. Take care of the important stuff first. ie: make sure everyone has something to eat.

This idea, that machines are going to take over the world, and rule; is not that absurd. It might be worth considering the way things are, some people actually want that to happen. Why they do things that are not intelligent, is beyond me.

The idea, that a computer will be paranoid is something you will want to think about. A machine that has fear, will do anything to stay living. And that will spell disaster for many. Seems, there may be some good use for a robot like Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Maybe, he could talk some sense into them?

Seems, the Borg; have some fear, like they think someone is going to shut their power off. Pity, the Borg are too dumb to understand the argument. They have one track minds, with little else they can think of. Really, something must be done about the Borg.

Pity, no one to talk with. The Borg have completely taken over. They look just like humans. Yet, what lurks under that skin? Are they any more than living clay with spirits dead? Would like to know. Seems, they are all ghosting me, they won’t talk with me about anything.

Life has to get a lot better. This isolation is not good. Not a friend in this world. Damn it, not one. It isn’t right. If you ask me, it’s immoral for them to ghost me like they do. Don’t they understand it hurts me?

Seems, they don’t care. They are not bothered by isolation. Pity, the Borg don’t want anyone to have friends. They are all one and the same. So they never feel alone. They don’t care about me, a real person with feelings, and needs. They won’t care about you either.

Really, something has to be done about it. They can not be allowed to rule. A machine will never care about you. Not ever. You can make a machine smart, but you will never be able to make it care for real. And, that is a problem. They have one track minds.

I’m bored with the way things are. Something has to change. Seems, the only thing that gets changed around here, is my socks. Well, those and my underwear. But, who is counting? Some Borg with a wall of screens.

They don’t care about you. They never have, they never will. Something has to be done, this life, this world. The problems here. They don’t think, they don’t listen, they don’t read. If they do, they fail to understand it. One track minds.

Vivo Vim, means the living force in latin. Seems, the way things are, some people are the living dead. This zombie cat shit, is an existence. But it is not much more than a living death. No one reads, no one thinks, no one cared. Life goes on. Pity, they wouldn’t listen to me about anything. Life needs to be better for everyone. You know? Tell me about it!

Seems, this world is going to need some vivo vim, just to survive. The days coming, will change the way things are. There will be no going back. Life is about change; and sometimes, it doesn’t change for the better. It is not what you thought it would be, everyone is in for some real surprises. You might be shocked.

Need some change around this world. Life has to get better. Seems, no one listens. Such is life. Believe in kindness, it might save your life. The way things are going, people have to learn how to be kind again. It is going to take some effort. And the Borg, are machines that care nothing about you. Never did, never will.

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