One Day At A Time: Choose Wisely

Choices To Make

Some people are saying: “One day at a time.” In an effort to bring some things to the light, I have my two cents to input on the matter. It seems, there are ways to live, some are better than others.

Moving Mountains

When moving mountains, it starts with moving small pebbles, very likely one day at a time. By carrying away small stones, a mountain can be moved over many years. It doesn’t make the process any easier, but it can be done.

Likewise today, if you want to move a mountain, you need to start small, and work on a daily basis at moving small pieces. Then, over time; you can have made a real impact.

Destruction Of Your Life

There is another way one day at a time can be used. They can wear you down, break your spirit, and destroy you; all one day at a time. While, you may not like that, they may enjoy it a lot.

So really you have to choose wisely, what kind of days you want to have. Because if everyone is taking things, “One day at a time.” then they are either working to move mountains, or destroy you. Sometimes, you have to be aware of what the motives are behind their actions.

Choose Wisely

Don’t know about you; But, I want my life better. Seems, this one day at a time, has all been working against me. They are using it to destroy me. No one is building me up, but they are all holding me in utter contempt; as though, I’m not worth shit to them.

So what course of action can I choose? Seems, they want a warm sack of shit and nothing more. They hate smoking, they hate drinking Sprite, they hate tattoos. They don’t want you to think for yourself, they hate the very idea of free will; unless you choose what they want for you. That is the only condition they have for letting you have free will, is if you choose what they want from you.

Nothing else will be successful. And you wonder why nothing works out. The game is rigged. They have it setup so no one will be successful. They would never like that anyways. They only love you if you choose what they want you to choose. It is all based upon the conditions they have set, long ago.

The Truth

Work to move mountains, despite the fact they are working one day at a time to destroy you. That is one option. There seems to be no real answer to my questions, I’ve never seen the mountain that needs moved. Or for that matter, if it even needs to be moved. Maybe, we should just make a path up the mountain? That would be best, because if you are working to move a mountain, you are likely wasting your time, and expending a lot of effort on something fruitless. However, if you are making life better for everyone, that is the only thing that is worth a damn. Do what is best for everyone.

Don’t let them destroy you, for something stupid. You have to be smarter than that. Have some patience young Jedi, be wise, buy out the right time, for doing what is best. Take care of yourself, and those around you. To some degree, you have to be wise. Learn from my mistakes. You know?

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