People No Longer Value What Has Worth – The Problem With Today’s World

The Problem – What Has Worth?

Much that had value has been de-valued. The world we once lived in where much was valuable, has become a place of misery, and pain. There is no relief from the sorrow we are experiencing in today’s world. What has worth today? Seems one must be patient; however, the human race is going to expire. Therefore, they are out of time.

Results should have been evident by now. If there were going to be results, it should have become clear by now that it would be successful. There has been nothing here that looks like success. Piles of failures upon heaps of misery. Seems there is no relief.

They don’t care. It doesn’t bother them for my projects to fail. They could not care. Pity, you would have reason to believe, by now they would have seen some value in my life. They could not care. They do not value me, and they have made it clear; I’m nothing to them. Nothing of value to them.

Total Lack Of Respect

Tired of the dis-respect they show me. This de-valuation they have put me through, its enough to make a man want to never live again. I never thought they would hurt me like they have. There was reason to believe they were better than that. We really did believe that, we thought they were better than this.

The way I have been treated doesn’t endear the human race to me. If anything, they have made an enemy from the way they have done me. Because, I’m not able to change it, the human race refuses to listen to reason and logic. They treat me like I am of no account. Because, people no longer value what has worth. It is a problem with today’s world.

They are blind. Because they can not see real value from what is worthless. And today it seems everything has become worthless. The dis-respect they have shown, is beyond abusive. They won’t listen; and I’m tired of wasting words on those who refuse to listen.

After what I have given of myself, and given to the world; they still refuse to listen. Therefore, it doesn’t make me want to be giving the human race anything what so ever. They have treated my gifts as though they have no value. At this point, a complete withdraw of my friendship from the human race is in order. They have not valued my life, and what I have to offer.

Time Is Up!!

[edited] Things didn’t go as planned. Maybe there is hope? After the way this has gone, a long vacation is in order. However, I will refuse to make this planet a home for myself and my loved ones. I hate this world like it is.

If they knew what we could have, they would agree with me. They are however too stupid to listen. It is senseless to waste words on those who will not listen. Thus, the need to remove myself from this situation. Pity, they wouldn’t even listen to reason.

Written By Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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