Modern Day Problems

Bored. Such is life. Got so damn bored, I thought maybe I would try watching TV for a while. I went to great length to try and watch TV; and it only ended in failure. Let me tell you about it. My modern day problems!

I have a sofa, this sofa I’ve had for twenty-four years. I had to move it so that it was in front of the TV. This is no big deal, just move one end of the sofa until the sofa and tv are parallel with each other. No big deal. So far good!

Next, plug the Apple TV which has been unplugged for the last two years. It has been at least two years since I last watched the television. So I plug it in. I’m hoping my remote will still work with it, it hasn’t been charged in years.

The Remote

Then after finding the remote, I turn the TV on. But guess what? The TV came on, and I was met with a lock screen that the channel was locked with a PIN. Okay, no big deal, what was that PIN I used for my TV? Well, that was two years ago or longer.

Twenty minutes later, I’m still trying to unlock my TV. Not sure I want to watch the TV after being locked out of my damn TV for twenty-five minutes, and then I think: “This is kind of fun, trying to remember a four digit PIN from two years ago.” I sit with it another ten minutes, before deciding to do something else. Then not to be beaten by something so simple, I get online and look up unlock codes for my TV set.

It is an old TV, it was from 2017. Lots of new TV sets out there since then, I spend all of twenty minutes looking online for a code to use to unlock my TV set, and after a few failed attempts, find one that works.

Oh Good!

So I think, well that was fun, now to watch some TV. The Apple tv was set to some damn TED Talk, and I had to back out of twenty menus to get to where my movies are. I spend ten minutes looking the movies I own, and choose something that seems interesting, something I hadn’t seen in years.

I hit play, and have to mess with the volume for a minute to get it where I can hear it, and still enjoy it. Music from my computer is still playing in the other room, but why bother turning it off?

So I sit and watch TV, for all of. . . DRUM ROLL 5 minutes. After five minutes of watching TV, I get bored, think to myself this has been a huge waste of my time and my effort.

I turn the TV off, and leave the sofa where it is. I go out back and smoke a cigarette, and come back in and lay on the sofa. Fist facing the open room forward, and that lasts about ten or twenty minutes. I want another smoke, and when I come back in, I lay the other way, facing the window. It looks different this way.

I think about the life I had twenty years ago, and how different it was. Wish my life could have been better. This lasts about twenty minutes, and with little less than a sigh, I get up and go to my computer. I close the browser window that had the instructions for the PIN reset on it, and start looking for something to do.

Wasted Time

Thus, turning the TV on was a total waste of time and effort, not to mention; I had to put the sofa back to where it goes. Pity, the TV has sat in dust for the last six months, today I dusted it. It will likely sit for another two years before I try to turn it on again. Maybe in six months I will dust it again? Who knows. These modern day problems are just so much to deal with, you know?

Thus, life is. Things are. Maybe I should write the new PIN down, just in case in two years from now I want to watch TV again; not likely in two years the access code will be available. Maybe, that is a good idea. Maybe I should write the master PIN down, because in two years from now, who knows where the data will be.

Bored. Damn it. Made music today. It was better than watching tv.

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo By: Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

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