Read My Book

I want you to read my book, it is free in epub format.

What is it about?

This book deals with the topics of how to heal from things that might have otherwise destroyed you. It uses controlling your thoughts, and having self mastery as a tool for self improvement.

You can learn, through the use of journaling, how to control your thoughts, and develop self mastery for yourself.

This book was taken from blog posts that were once on this site, and since no one has bought the book in hardcover, I’m going to make it available in epub format, for free!

Where to get the book

You can get the book from this blog post, [link removed] ask!!. You can also buy a copy of the book in hardcover format if you want one, by using this link: My Digital Chaos.

I’m bored. None of my projects have seen success. Which is good and bad. Mostly its not great, because I needed the success to build further projects. So far, waiting for my death the way this is.

My Digital Chaos

The book is called, My Digital Chaos. It is about two hundred pages, and can be downloaded for free. You should read it, it might change your life. The way the world is, I have advanced knowledge of the life you’re going to be living. You want to listen, while there is time.


You don’t want to be reduced to living like zombie cat shit without being sufficiently armed. This means, being intellectually armed in every sense. You want to have more than the comic book at your disposal.

We Care A Lot

We care about you, and want something good for everyone. You have to understand, if you went through what I have, you would want someone to know how you survived it, right?

It is about having people that understand, how I dealt with the problems, that have caused me to exist like zombie cat shit, and what I’ve done to try and deal with it.

You won’t want to live my life. You wouldn’t like it much. You can save yourself a lot of pain, by reading my book and learning the lessons from it. It might save you having to live my life; however, I don’t guarantee it. You might have to live my life, regardless.

Read the book, and find out what the rub is about. When you live my life just like it was, you will have a head start on the competition. You won’t want to go into it without being fully armed intellectually.

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