Growth In Design How To Go From Passive Whim To Robo Monster In Two Seconds

There is something about this week.

This week was long; yet, it went very quickly. I’ve completed my project for Vivo-Vim now. Most all of the project is done, I would say, it is 99% done. There may be some fine details that need ironed out in the future; however, I feel done with it for now.

This project Misfit-Writers has taken me two months of hard work to make happen. It has been a lot of learning, and getting the hang of new stuff to make it all work. Did a lot of stuff in this project that were completely new to me.

Something I Have Noticed

Seems, no one cares. It seems to be a problem with society as a whole. The quality of humans service has gone down a lot. Getting anything done right the first time is getting to be much harder for them. And, it seems they don’t give a damn they are doing shitty work.

I’m bored with the status quo of life. This life, it’s not living. This world doesn’t feel like a home. Seems, no one cares. It is tough to get comfortable. Maybe, it’s just me; it does however feel impossible to stay in this situation. My life has been like this for some twenty years, the problem was never corrected. I blame the human race for being sick sacks.

It was brought to their attention. They have however ignored any advice, or council. Pity. They wouldn’t ever listen to me. Something has to be done to make life better. Because the conditions they expect people to live under are impossible to adapt into.

Wanted my life to be amazing. What I got, is a lot of pain. They couldn’t care, it wasn’t any skin off their nose, you know? They don’t give a damn, they couldn’t care. How do you even communicate with people like that? It seems impossible to get through to them.

My teeth are rotting in my skull. It feels like I’m rotting to death. That didn’t bother anyone but me. They didn’t give a damn. I guess, it wasn’t their problem to deal with. I have tried to do what I could to change the situation; and I’ve been silenced time and time again by these people that don’t care.

Why must they behave like control freaks? Damn the world. The human race is sick. They are so damn sick, they don’t see the problems with their behavior. I however, would like to make them live my life. They would beg for death long before it’s over with. They could have been kind, but that seems to be asking far too much from them.

They don’t listen. Nothing moves them to think, or listen. They must be too damn stupid to use their minds. They really don’t listen to me at all. Maybe as John Lennon said, “You’re not to blame, you are just humans, victims of the insane.”

I’m bored with this. No one is reading, no one cares. They couldn’t care at all. I’ve done what I could to make this better, and change my situation and my fate from being total shit. Seems I’m nothing but a failure. Waiting for death to carry me away.

If you looked at what I’ve done, you might be impressed. The conditions I’ve worked under were impossible. Yet, I’ve done what I’ve done. Most people would never be able to work with what I’ve done. Seems, my effort is worthless trash to those I thought had my back. Pity.

They don’t respect talent, nor skill. Effort is worthless to them. It seems, they want warm sacks of shit. They don’t want thinking intelligent people. That would really bother them, and irk them to no end. They wouldn’t want that. They would rather have zombie cat shit of an existence with living in stupidity.

This should have changed. I’m tired of trying to get through to the human race. Clearly they are too stupid to think. Because they would have listened to me by now if they could reason on it.

Obviously, they couldn’t give a damn. Maybe they are not really living? Maybe they are just damn AI bots that want to make my life less than worthy of living? I have reason to believe that.

They have been cruel. It isn’t like I deserve to be treated the way they have done me. I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Yet, they will never apologize for what they have done. They feel justified in doing me the way they have. I have reason to believe they are ruthless cruel. They never listen.

It’s been a week. Some points good. Some points bad. All the same, I got through it, dealt with it; and Charlie Miked this shit. I’m tired of my effort being treated like worthless trash. You would think, people would give a fuck? Maybe that is asking far too much of them?

Maybe my kindness has been abused, and taken advantage of? Maybe I should give them something to believe in? Maybe so.

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