The Dangers of Working In Isolation

The problems with constant living in a vacuum

Besides the fact that it is emotionally and mentally painful, there are some real problems with working in isolation all the time.

One of the problems is that unless other people are available that follow your train of thought, no matter how good your idea is, they will reject it, because they have no understanding of how you arrived at that answer.

The other problem with working in isolation is that it’s difficult to know what is really the best answers. With no one to provide feedback or understanding. It’s useless and worthless. Only no good humans would isolate someone and hurt good people.

People only understand from their level of understanding. The benefits of working together as a team is that the whole team will understand and work towards the same goals.

This benefit isn’t present when working in isolation and a total vacuum. No matter how good of an idea that you may have, unless people start working together, they are never going to understand the problem or the solution.

After having spend almost three years working in total isolation with no feedback, no one to talk with about what goals there are, or what problems need solved; there are serious problems with this.

Besides the fact that it’s physically painful to me, there are other problems. Other people don’t understand my point of view. Because they have nothing to base the answers on. They lack both the experience, and the perspective to understand from the point of view that I hold.

The solution is to find some people that will work together with me. In finding solutions to these problems. Start working together.

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