To The Point. . .

I’ve come to the point, I want results. Bored out of my mind. Not seeing results, and no way to arrive. Maybe, other than to be at the wrong end of someone else’s knife. Seems, they all want to destroy someone these days, and really who doesn’t want a better world?

Need some way, to get to the point of real satisfaction. There must be some path that will lead to better results? You would think, that it would have become evident by now. Nothing has arrived. Waiting for my mail order coffin, so I can take a nap.

No one cares. The modus operandi of the world these days, is no one gives a shit. They don’t notice you, they don’t care about anyone that doesn’t have dollar signs in their eyes. Sometimes, you just want something nice. Seems, I’m waiting for something that doesn’t exist.

The whole point of being alive is to create. Maybe, we have to create a better world, that makes life right for everyone. It might mean having to re-arrange some things, and move lots of stuff around until you get it right. Anything is possible; although, not everything is probable. What is your dream?

Dream some new dream

I’ve been trying to dream some new dream, going on a year. So far, nothing has come up. The last six months have been torture. Just pure hell in a bucket. No projects to work on, nothing really important to be doing. Seems writing is working out, only because I would write anyways. Did some art, and got some results. Yet, new dreams are difficult to come by.

I wanted some dream that was mine. Most of the people living today, take the dreams other people hand them. And they make those dreams their own, and run with it. When things don’t work out, they take another dream someone handed them, and run with that.

Need some dream that isn’t already someone else’s dream. Need something, dare I say: “Grandiose.” They hate those kinds of dreams, they say, “Stay in the box, only work in the box. Be a warm sack of shit, and do what you are told.”

I want something. I want a better life. That is inside the box. Yet, they treat me like I’m worthless trash. That isn’t inside my box. That is way below my standards. I want better, damn it!

Going to have to do something that makes life better for everyone. It is the only way to make life right. Something must be done about the way people are living. They seem to be enjoying living like warm sacks of poo. After a while, you have to worry about them; because, they don’t seem to know better. Maybe, they are all pumpkin heads?

Any thinking would be too much for a pumpkin head. They couldn’t think if they wanted to. Their heads are all programmed for them, and they are too stupid to argue with, they don’t understand the argument. Damn it, tired of small minded idiots in this world.

Pumpkin Heads

They don’t listen, they don’t understand. The very ideas are lost on them. I want my life better, and the usual methods of changing my life have not worked out very well. So what is a man to do? Something has to change, and get a lot better. Why not? They hate change. They hate ideas. They hate free thinking.

Maybe, they should grow some balls? Life is changing, and to be able to adapt to the changes, requires some new ways of thinking. An idea is only grandiose if it doesn’t fit their box like thinking. But people who think outside the box, would think very little of it. They be like, “Yeah, you had an idea. Good job.”

Wanted my life to be better. Not being able to change my life, means something must be done different. Going to have to dream a new dream. Something must be done. Need some project to work on, something that hasn’t been done yet. Seems, almost everything is taken. Need some new way of doing things, that makes life better for everyone. Damn it, someone has to do it. Why not me?

Most people do not have the capacity to dream their own dream, because they lack the very fiber within themselves to be more. Most people, are content with mediocre living, and mediocre results. The truth is, I feel that is well below my true potential. I’m more than a warm sack of poo, and I expect people to treat me better than that.

Life is changing, and people are going to have to change with it. Which side of the equation do you want to be on when things get real? Someone is going to have to be on the winning side, why not us? Everyone wants to be on the winning side, but they don’t want to take sides before they find out who is going to win. A lot of people, will wish their lives had been different.


Life has to get a lot better. Tired of the small minded people, that think existing is too much. They accept any mediocre existence they are handed on a plate, and say it is really good. Don’t you want a lot better than that? If you could have a lot more, why would you want to be content with just average? Because, they don’t know better.

So what is your dream? Do you even have one? Was it a real dream, or something someone else has handed you on silver leaf platter? We are going to have to be creative in what we do, life has to change for the better, and no one is thinking yet.


Once a mind has been stretched by new experiences, it doesn’t ever really go back to it’s original size. It always gets bigger, in what it can contain, or dare to dream. Have some new dream, live your best life, and change the world for the better.

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