What Fuels The Worlds Aggression? Mass Emotional Responses Laced With Hate

Turn back to love. . .

My book came in the mail today. After looking at it, and reading most of it; it dawned on me where the problem is. The human race is being gas lit. Mass emotional responses that are laced with hate are fueling the worlds aggression.

How do we shut this off? Seems the supply of fuel has to be shut down. Therefore, it seems people are not thinking, only mass feeding on an emotional feeling that is going to spiral out of control.

If not kept in check, this is going to go bad real quick. Please listen, before it is far too late. The time, has already come and gone; but maybe you can save yourselves a lot more pain than if you take zero action about this.

Stop being manipulated. Start thinking about it. If you have an emotional response to everything they feed you, you really can never be happy. Because, they stir your emotions to keep you stupid. They want it that way. You have to cut the supply of fuel they are feeding you; and start being reasonable.

Because, you have to get back to a place that you are being loving. People are on this emotional kick, and everything has been super charged, but its only working to harm them.

Before it is too late

Consequently, people seem to fail to listen. They don’t think. You have to teach yourself how to think. You have to understand more is possible. Because, a lot more is possible. They have kept you in the dark, a long time.

If you want more, then stop being mindless zombies; start using your mind. If you have an emotional response to everything they tell you, your not in control of your own life. You want to be a slave forever?

Mass emotional responses are driving people, and fueling the aggression in this world. They have spiked the fuel with hate, to drive you to take the action they want you to take. Because, they do not want thinking intelligent people. They want mindless idiots.

Mass Responses

The mass emotional responses are what is getting attention. But it causes more harm than good. People are unhappy, hurting, and scared. You must be better than this. This is manipulation. If you do not see that, then wake up. Stop pretending they have your best interest at heart, they do not. What is more, they do not even care about the results of their actions.


Stop, Look, Listen! We have to get back to being loving. This hate fueling the worlds aggression isn’t working. We have to get back to place we honor what has value. The world we have today, much has been de-valued, and people are not happy. We want to be happy again. The total lack of respect they have shown you should prove their intentions.

Photo By: Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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